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New Year Resolutions, or what shall become.

I have a mixed opinion about them. 

Obviously, it’s good to make things to do things for the better, but there’s just something about them that I don’t like. 

I don’t really like making promises to myself because I find that when I break them (and don’t we always?) I’m so hard on myself about it. 

You are your worst critic.

But on the other hand I like to look at myself and my life and decide what I can do better, other wise it might all stay the same. 

Soooo here’s a rough sketch of what I could change:

  1. Don’t be so lazy about life. I don’t know if it’s the sernioritis or what, but I’m lazy with all my school work, my after school obligations, with my relationship with God, and keeping care of my body. I find that to be a terrible trait because then it seems like I don’t care about anything in the world. 
  2. Don’t worry so much. I used to be a worry-wart. Always anxious about the future, and not knowing what one thing might lead to. I’ve found that I just need to buckle up for the ride and trust the God has me in his hands. A friend told me something so simple last night, yet so true: It’s going to be okay. And that’s the honest truth! Nothing is going to be so bad that I won’t ever be happy again or ever find my way out. "The light shines in the darkness"- John 1.5
  3. Accept myself more. Because if I’m not comfortable with who I am, and how I look, how will I ever grow into the person I’m supposed to become?

And those are the big 3 I guess. But I also think that since I am giving myself resolutions, I shouldn’t have too many otherwise I’d never remember them all. 

Here’s to 2012!!

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