Perhaps Today

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Talked to my parents about the exchange program again.

My mom’s all for it. She even suggested I watch Amazing Race with her since next week it’ll be in Brussels, Belgium (my #1 choice!)

My dad, however, is kinda nonchalantly mentioning Appalachian a lot. I mean I definitely want to attend ASU, buuuut first I really want to spend a year in Europe! 

My dad’s a bit of the traditional sort, which I normally adore in a human, but this time it’s like please let me have a gap year! 

He’s not saying no. He’ll support me either way. But I don’t think he understands how badly I want this! 

I got an e-mail from the chairmen of the youth exchange in this area and he says he has found a local club that would be willing to support me! They just first have to call into my school and yada yada. Procedure stuff. Then hopefully I’ll get my interview squared away and find out what location they’ll send me to! 

rawwwrr I’m so impatient. It’s like I’m in a line at Disney World. 

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